Our Values and Life Ready

Our values speak for all we stand for at Monkspath School.  They shape our work ethic and our relationships.  Our values are the bedrock for everything that we do and believe in.



Being respectful is treating others how you want to be treated. It means showing that you appreciate who people are.

You need to show respect for other peoples’ belongings.

The staff and children respect each other both around and outside of school.

If you show respect to the teachers and other adults, they will show respect back to you.

The children and staff feel happy around each other and enjoy each other’s company.


Here at Monkspath, honesty matters to all, throughout the school.

It may not be the easiest thing to be honest sometimes, but you learn from your mistakes.

Honesty is important from the youngest children in Monkeys right up to the staff.

If you came to Monkspath School, you would see children being honest about their feelings and their work. You might also see someone being honest about a mistake they have made because they know it is best to tell the truth, even when it is difficult to do so.

Our school is a friendly environment and we try to make it safe for everyone to be honest.


Individuality is being different in your own special way.

At Monkspath, everyone has independence and individuality (including all of the staff).

You should recognise that being different is ok. Everyone in the school is individual in their own unique way. People are respected for this.

At Monkspath everyone has their likes and dislikes which makes them contrasting and also makes Monkspath School a more interesting and safe place to learn and grow.


All the children that attend the school are reminded every day that nobody is better or lesser than anyone else and nobody should look badly upon others.

All ages of children, along with the staff, know and understand that everyone has equal rights and are all permitted to give their opinions. Do what you think is right! Stand up for yourself!

Everyone has an equal right as well as a responsibility.


Happiness is when everyone should feel safe around each other, part of being happy is sharing friendship, trying hard, having faith and being proud of what you have achieved.

Not only the children should feel happy but also the teachers, assistants, support staff, dinner ladies, cleaners and visitors in our school.

On the inside, people at Monkspath School feel proud of what they’ve done.

If you set goals and targets and manage to achieve them, you will feel joyful, content and proud of what you have achieved.


Ambition at Monkspath is wanting to achieve now and in later life. Monkspath will help you set your goals and meet them.

At Monkspath, teachers set the children new challenges which we try our hardest to accomplish.

Ambition makes everyone feel confident and proud.

When you come to Monkspath you will see the progress and improvements that children have made.

Our ambitions make Monkspath a better school.


At Monkspath School, innovation is one of our newer core values.

Being innovative means to be inspired by someone and to strive to make something better, make a difference, or to do your best.

A Monkspath child is always trying to find new ways to achieve something and to persevere.

Innovation is a value at Monkspath because everybody needs someone to look up to and a role model in later life. From young to old, each child at Monkspath has a goal and works hard to get there.

All staff at Monkspath think “outside the box” to create fun and inspirational learning ideas in lessons.

Innovation makes Monkspath a warm and safe environment to learn, play and to be encouraged to do your best.


What is friendship to you? Is it trust, having someone to talk to, helping your friends or caring for one another?

These are all the main features of friendship at Monkspath School.

People need friendship to help them through both good and bad times.

Feeling safe and secure is the meaning of friendship.

Remember, at Monkspath a friend is for all times and not just for the fun times.


Self-esteem means everybody is happy with themselves and proud of what they’ve achieved.

Self-esteem is an important quality at Monkspath because if everyone didn’t have high self-esteem we couldn’t achieve as well as we do.

Feeling safe to try new things is important because we will become more confident in life.

If you walked in to see a lesson, you would find that children would be asking questions and confidently answering them, even though they might get them wrong, because high self-esteem means you are happy to make mistakes and learn from them.


What is co–operation to you? Co-operation is teamwork, communicating, working well together as a team and achieving together.

Everyone at Monkspath tries to help each other when needed.

Co-operation is a big part of our school.

We need to be respectful towards other people and let everyone have a say. Achieving together is what matters.

We try to be fair and feel proud of what we do. In order to co-operate with our teachers in school, we should help them by doing what they ask, when they ask it.

Without co-operation no one would get on and we wouldn’t learn as much.


Having responsibility for something is very important.

It means taking care of your own actions or challenges and trying things out for yourself.

To take responsibility you might still need the help of others.

As we grow older we have more opportunity to make our own choices and take responsibility for them.


If you were to come to Monkspath you would see empathy everywhere, it is a big thing here and it helps everyone in the school connect with each other. Empathy is when we understand someone else’s feelings as if they were our own, and try to do whatever we can to celebrate or help that person.

We empathise with our buddies and support our younger children to understand how an older child might feel as well. On the playground you will see children helping each other, if someone has no one to play with, we will ask them to join us, if someone falls we help them. If you are new, it is almost as if the children can read your mind and help you when you need it the most, it is an incredible gift.

In lessons you will see us supporting and encouraging others who may be struggling with their work, because we notice and we understand what it is like to find your learning challenging.

The adults in school empathise with each other and the children; you will see them understanding and sorting out children’s worries; having a quiet talk with a person who is needing support or spotting someone who needs help with their work.

We also show empathy when others are happy or achieve something; we aren’t jealous, we celebrate and are proud of them.


At Monkspath we take celebration as a symbol of pride and joy.  Achieving something great makes a Monkspath School child feel happy to know they’ve made themselves proud, as well as everyone else.

Everyone celebrates each other’s success. If somebody comes into Monkspath School, they should see that we are jubilant about our achievements and always take care in our work. It could be as small as a spark of pleasure or satisfaction in something, for example their work or by showing kindness.

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